You’re Invited!

We’ve been home now just over a week – a very busy week, as it turns out!  At first it was like crawling back into an old discarded skin, or into bodies that were separate from our minds but somehow knew exactly how to move and what to do in this strangely un/familiar place, even if their occupants were in a stupor. Now it feels as if mind and body have merged and we can move forward feeling integrated and whole.

Consequently, we are ready to invite friends over to celebrate Earth Day with a Bolivian twist. As I explained in the final blog post of the trip (“The Sacred Leaf – Thanking Pachamama”), we brought back the makings for a mesa, or ch’alla, which we would like to share with you – or at least with those of you who can make it to Nelson next Sunday. (Even from Norway there might still be time, Cecilia….)

Date: Sunday April 21

Time: 2:00 pm (continuing as long as you want to stay but not later than 6:00)

Bring (OPTIONAL): 1) a handful of leaves of a plausible coca substitute (bay leaves, ficus leaves, lime leaves); 2) a combustible item from the earth for which you are giving thanks (or a symbolic representation thereof) AND/OR a combustible symbol of something from the earth that you wish to ask Pachamama for, either for yourself or on behalf of someone else (Note: EVERYTHING, ultimately, comes from the earth.)

We also plan to show slides but there will be ample warning given so that anyone who would rather drown in quicksand than watch other people’s trip slides can get a chance to slip away. We do promise to edit them down from the approximately 2500 we have right now….we don’t want to lose any friends over this.

There probably won’t be chicha as we don’t have time to make a fermented corn drink, but we’ll plan to make up a big batch of mocochinchi – a very popular drink made with juice, water, and cinnamon, that contains a boiled peach. We won’t serve it in plastic baggies, though – promise. You are welcome to bring along finger foods, but don’t feel that you have to.

You can RSVP by calling, emailing or commenting on the blog. We don’t know who has been reading this blog, so you’ll have to come out and identify yourselves if you want to come. We really look forward to seeing you!


One thought on “You’re Invited!

  1. Greetings dear ones – oh my goodness….Earth Day ~ after many years of sitting idly by, I have offered to be at the info/registration table on Saturday April 20th, for the newly formed FOKL Friends of Kootenay Lake Stewardship program from 1 – 4pm, in front of the Prestige Inn. I expect that’s all I can fit in on one day. If you’d like a salmon feast, sometime;, just give me the day and an open door to your place and I’ll make it happen. There is also an activity on actual Earth Day, the 22nd; of painting yellow fishes beside sewer grates. Cheerio Marilyn next door

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