Barron’s Typology of Bolivian Bathrooms (by Quinn)



Bathroom has toilet (not just a hole in the floor) – 40 points

Toilet has seat – plus 20 points

Toilet flushes – plus 30 points

Toilet flushes, but only by pouring water down bowl multiple times – plus 15 points

Toilet doesn’t flush – minus 20 points

Toilet doesn’t flush and hasn’t been flushed in a very long time – minus 40 points


002 (2)

Has sink – 5 points

Sink has a tap – plus 10 points

Sink has running water – plus 30 points

Sink has soap – plus 25 points

Sink has hot water – plus 25 points

Water coming out of sink smells strongly of sulfur – minus 10 points

Water coming out of sink is brown and dirty – minus 40 points



Has shower – 20 points

Water comes out of shower – plus 30 points

Shower has temperature control – plus 35 points

Water volume and temperature are inversely related (choose  one) – minus 20 points

Shower is in toilet stall – minus 30 points



Bathroom has no odour – 40 points

Bathroom smells strongly of varsol – minus 25 points

Bathroom smells like sulfur and dirty toilet paper – minus 30 points

Bathroom smells like the above and a dead cow in a hot, humid room – minus 45 points

General Cleanliness


Bathroom is clean and dry – 20 points

Bathroom is spotless and has been recently restocked and freshened – plus 50 points

Bathroom is wet and muddy – minus 15 points

Bathroom has suspicious, unknown substances smeared across the walls – minus 30 points

Toilet Paper                                                                                          

Bathroom supplies toilet paper – 25 points

Bathroom has trash can to put dirty toilet paper in – 30 points

Pile of dirty toilet paper is on the floor but contained – minus 25 points

Pile of dirty toilet paper is strewn about the bathroom – minus 40 points


Used toilet paper can be flushed down toilet……JUST KIDDING, that’s impossible in Bolivia.

Check out this photo. What do you notice???



2 thoughts on “Barron’s Typology of Bolivian Bathrooms (by Quinn)

  1. Ah yes, toilets and bathrooms in many parts of the world aren’t like North America. Like your rating system, Felix!

  2. Loved this, Quinn!! Very informative and entertaining!! We are all looking forward to having you back with us.
    Love from Allison and corazón.

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